All About Awnings

Awnings are the kind of the covers which are used both indoors and outdoors to protect against the extreme exposure from the heat and rays of the sun. These could either be in fixed and moveable. Most commonly the materials which are used to made the awnings are aluminium, wood, vinyl and cloth. The awnings offer various advantages and most people also install it to optimize the energy costs. Another name for the awning is the overhang.

A brief history of the awnings:

The awnings from Newcastle have been in use since the BC and these were very popular among the Egyptian and Syrians. In that era, it was classified as the woven mat and these were used in many open market stalls and the homes. After this era, these awnings then again made their way into the market in the 19th century and were used in number of arrangements. The awnings of modern age are however different from the ones which were previously used since the designs and materials have been changed over the course of the time but still the basic purpose of the awnings and the benefits are same.

What are the advantages of installing the awnings?

These are very good for the weather control especially the retractable awnings. You could close and open these based on your desire. If you think that it is raining or the sun is very extreme, then you could open it and provide a shade but If you think that the weather is cold and you could use some sunlight and heat then you could close it. Not only this but it has also been proved that the awnings are very much energy saver which means that these stop the heat from falling directly on the windows and the walls and due to which the temperature of the inside remains the same. The modern awnings have much more use to these with the addition of the screen room which could work as the bug free and then the side screening installation could prevent the wind from the sides. Not only this but there are patio lights installed in these through which you could enjoy sitting in the awning in the night time. The awnings are also used to provide the for the solar panels.

What are the styles and the types available in the awnings?

The awnings are available in different styles in the market. Some of the types include the patio deck cover, retractable freestanding, or deck awnings, motorized or manual awnings and the vertical awnings. Each one of these are specialized for a particular settings and offer various features accordingly.

Aside from awnings, you can also put good roller blinds.