The Different Types Of Skip Hire

Every household discards their waste either in bins or in skip. Skip is a large container which is specifically made for waste to be thrown in it. One can put every kind of waste in skip except for hazardous or harmful substances, every kind of waste means liquid waste, solid waste, organic waste, recyclable waste, biodegradable waste, etc. It takes a whole lot of steps to take waste from the bins to the skip and then is thrown either in landfill or incineration plant or in recycling depots. However, the point of our focus in this article is going to be about skip hire Melbourne and different types of skip.


We know that skip is a large container meant to dump your waste in it but let us elaborate it to some extent. Skip can be defined as a large container that is open from the top and is meant for the waste to be thrown in it. Skip is not emptied into a bin lorry rather when it gets filled it is carried by a crane and is directly thrown at a landfill site or incineration plant while replacing its place with an empty skip. Skip is a longitudinal container whose one side is somewhat hinged down to allow manual loading and unloading. Moreover, skip is quite heavy, tough and durable container.

Types of skip:

Skip is a container for waste to be discarded in it but skip varies from one another on the basis of a container’s composition. There is open skip container which allows easier loading of waste material due to which they are mostly found in construction sites. Then there is closed skip container, which is ensures that it is does not exceed certain limit of waste and prevent illegal use of it. Other than these, there is roll off roll on skip container which is similar to open skip container but these are made in such a way that they on to a wagon with a hook rather than being lifted up by chains as in open skip containers. Lastly, there is mobile skip container which is the container with four wheels.

Skip hire:

People hire skip for construction, industrial or residential waste to be discarded in it. A person who hires the skip needs to have a license of a skip which is usually given by the company that lets you to hire a skip. Skip can be hired from seven to fourteen days but customer must call the company once skip got filled so to be removed or exchanged.


Skip is a large container which is specifically designed for the waste to be thrown in it. There are different types of skips which vary from one another on the basis of skip’s composition. Skip can be hired from rubbish removal Doncaster. One of the best companies from where skip can be hired in cheap rates is “gt skips”, they provide the most reliable and efficient skip containers.