Questions And Answers About Canvas Stretching

A canvas needs to be stretched in order for the preservation and preparation for putting it in to the frames. Canvases of both types, either painted or unpainted could be stretched. There are different sizes of the canvas and each canvas require the different stretching bars which are made from the wood. Although there are many services and companies working in these days that provide the canvas stretching services and you could place your order on any one of these. All you have to do is to choose the thickness you need for your canvas as well as the material. Most of these websites will then calculate the cost of the canvasing for you and then if you like the price, the website will either send you their address on which you could mail them your original or in some cases, they come to your house to pick up the originals. 

How does canvas stretch work?

Canvas frames are used to enhance the look of the important art piece that you have from an abroad trip or some family painting and once the quality canvas stretching has been performed on it. It will not only look good but it will be preserved and safe from the external factors and the artwork then could be hanged anywhere in your house.

What options do you have?

The questions that most of the customers are confused on is that which stretcher bar they should use for their painting. The better recommendation is to take your panting to the canvas stretching and they could get a look at the structure of the painting and could guide you better about which bar should be used in order to stretch the canvas.

Most people worry that the canvas they have is rolled up and it might have the roll up marks but the rolled-up canvas is not an issue unless and until the original paint of the painting is not damaged or cracked by this. This could happen if the paint used is not dried properly or the layer of the paint was not thick enough. In other cases, if a canvas comes up rolled for the canvas stretching, it is first heated to soft the paint. The most difficult thing is to add a jersey framing Sydney to the canvas which is not square in the shape. In this case, sometimes the canvas needs to be trimmed to put in the square frame.

The size of the canvas could vary and the biggest canvas which could be stretched is around 10 feet. For this the heavy stretchers are used. Although there could be some logistic issues involved in stretching out the canvas this big of a size because it is difficult to move it and get it through different doorways and this is why it is always recommended to contact the canvas stretching services prior to placing the order if you happen to have this big sized canvas so that they could recommend the possible actions.

How To Plan A Movie Themed Birthday Celebration For Youngsters

In this day and age every young one’s past time would be to sit in front of the television and watch movies. Therefore, why don’t you try to incorporate this adoration for movies next time you plan a celebration for their birthday. While, one can opt to host a celebration that revolves around a specific movie or character one can also host one that reflects the young one’s love for all movies. However, we understand that this is not easy as it sounds, for a themed celebration one has to come up with décor, food and activities that complement this specific theme. Thus, in order to assist the parents during the planning process the following article will proceed to explore how one should plan such an event.


As, this is a celebration for a youngster one should ensure that they make a budget prior to the hiring of children’s party entertainment or purchase of décor because one should not spend an exorbitant amount.


One should make sure to purchase décor that complements the theme, if the celebration is focused on a specific movie one can then opt for banners, napkins and colors that depict this movie. However, if it is a general movie themed then one can opt for décor that depicts movie rolls, party hats and even movie themed labels to paste on the water or drink bottles that would be handed to the guests.


A perfect kids party entertainment Melbourne idea that would complement the theme of this event would be a photo booth or even a photo station with different movie backdrops along with costumes and props for the youngsters to wear when taking the photographs. As, this is a movie themed one can also opt to show the movie that this event is focusing on. However, if it’s a general movie themed event then one can show the young ones the favourite movie of their son/daughter. After the viewing of the movie, one can also have a craft station set up for the children to recreate the main character of the movie. This could also be an ideal gift for the young ones to take home with them.


A movie themed celebration is incomplete without popcorn therefore one can opt to have a popcorn stand where the guests can fill the bag with any amount of popcorn they like and then sprinkle some butter, seasonings or even candy toppings to have the perfect movie time snack. One can also have a concession stand with a selection of candy for the guests to pick. Movie themed celebrations can be fun to host but ensure that you would not be faced with any mishaps by following the aforementioned tips.