How To Save Money In Your Bachelor Party To Thailand?

The last few days as a bachelor are quite sentimental to any guy. Think about it, you’re slowly getting ready to wave goodbyes to your single life. Hence, deciding to visit an exotic country like Thailand for your bachelor trip is literally how you can have one memorable bachelor party. But let’s face it, if partying in your local neighborhood is typically expensive, going abroad will be a little expensive if you didn’t how the right way to get things done. That’s why you need to keep reading if you’re planning on visit Thailand with your boys, for a bachelor’s party. 

Here’s are 5 amazing tips for a cost effective bachelor party. 

  • Book accommodation with credit card 

If one of the group owns a credit card and if you still don’t book hotel accommodation with that, that’s probably the first place where you overspend. There are so many amazing hotels and hostels that are all around the country that comes quite cheaper when paid by credit cards. If you’re planning on staying at the capital of the country, which you should consider, try booking a great hostel in bangkok with your credit card; you’ll thank this read right there. 

  • Know where certain things are more expensive 

Booze that are sold at pubs and restaurants are anyways going to be more expensive than the liquor that liquor stores sell. In the same way, there are certain things in Thailand that will be expensive just like the rest of the world. You can try browsing the internet for cheap options but you should keep in your mind to avoid scammers always. 

  • Decide where you will be visiting and how 

If you’re planning on travelling all over the place, you should probably spend least on the accommodation. But if 5 people were in the group, it would typically need at least 3 rooms. But with an option like backpacker hostel bangkok you will have the opportunity to share only one room with amazingly comfortable bunk beds or even single beds. In the end of the day, this will cut off a huge junk of an expense for the stay. View more here

  • Gamble least 

Thailand is a paradise for casinos and gamblers. Plus, it’s quite natural for that one guy in the group to convince everyone on how much the group can make and spend it all on drinking. But this is where you should ask yourself whether if its worth since cutting expenses is your goal.  

  • Evaluate each person’s contribution properly 

Not everyone can spend equally. Some can spend least and for some the money isn’t a problem. It is the organizer’s duty to find the common ground so everyone can pitch in comfortably and have the most amazing bachelor’s party, ever.