Wooden Storage Crates Versus Wooden Pallets

Human beings are the most intelligent species among all other species; they have found the way to transform different things into useful products. It seems like that the world has been created for the mankind. We get food from the crops; construct our buildings from stones and so many other such resources have proved to be fruitful for human beings in lots and lots of ways. One such natural human resource is wood. When wood is standing in form of a plant then it helps human beings through the process of photosynthesis and when it is cut down then it is converted into various productive things. There are different types of woods, on the basis of which they are used. Some woods are known for their durability while others are known for their beauty. One such useful product which is made by the wood is wooden storage crates. We know that the main function of these wooden crates is to store different products in it. In this article, we will be studying about the comparison between wooden storage crates and wooden pallets. 

Wooden storage crates:

Wooden storage crates are the box like structures that are made in a way that they not only store the products but also protect them. They are mush stronger and much durable than the regular boxes. They are either made in rectangular shape or in square shape. They play an integral role in carrying out the process of shipment or shifting because the products which are transported from one place to another are stored in these wooden storage crates. Even though some people use plastic boxes for shifting purposes as well but about ninety three percent of storage boxes are wooden storage crates.

Wooden pallets:

Wooden pallets are another product made out of wood which is used to carry out the process of transportation or shipment. These pallets are made in a way that two layers of decks are connected with one another through the use of wooden blocks. The main function of wooden pallets is to provide support and stability to the products that are placed on them. Even though they are composed of wood but still they can carry hundreds of bricks on it which is why they are considered as the strongest form of support. Wooden pallets and wooden storage crates are the essential products for industries and factories that have to transport and store their products.


Wooden storage crates are the crates that are purely composed of wood and are used to store products. Besides that, they also help in safely transporting those products without letting them to get damaged. Some of the wooden crates are made in way that enough space or gap is left to allow the air to enter and leave the crate so to keep the product (fruits or other edibles) fresh. “Reclaim and Timber Co” provides the best quality of wooden storage crates and wooden pallets.